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Epidural birth is childbirth without pains.This means that an injection (epidural medication) is given at your lower back in order to numb the pain you should have felt from the labour.

Before you are given an epidural, an anesthetist (a medical personnel who specializes in pain medicines) will review you. Your anesthetist will ask you questions about your health or allergies.
An epidural can be used for a cesarian section and vagina delivery. 

There are benefits to having an epidural:It relieves labour pain.You can still be awake, move and push your baby.It can be given at any stage of labour. It is safe too.

There are also possible side effects to this:Blood pressure may fall(not to worry, your medics will be monitoring the whole process).You may feel numb and unable to walk for 2-3 hours after the procedure.Some women complain of severe headache.Other women feel back pain.For the first few days after an epidural, the woman may experience difficulty in urination (a catheter which is a slim rubber like tube will be inserted in order to drain urine).

What have you heard or experienced with an epidural?

Article written BY Emmanuella Inah (Midwife and Nurse)


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