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Motherhood Nigeria Initiative is a women-led NGO centered on improving the maternal and child health outcome in rural communities in Nigeria.

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Our Charity. Our Community.

Motherhood Nigeria Initiative is a women-led non-government
organization established to improve the maternal and child health
in rural communities in Nigeria. We believe that many societal
problems would be solved if women can come together to provide
solutions. This organization is for women coming together to
support vulnerable women in our various communities.

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How You Can Get Involved

Call (234) 708-898-9373 to Donate Or Contact Us to get Involved

Volunteer Program

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we live.
Join us to end preventable death of mothers and babies in every

Charity Fund

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Who We Are

Motherhood Nigeria Initiative is a women-led NGO centred on improving the maternal and child health outcome in rural communities in Nigeria.

Our Story

Motherhood Nigeria Initiative was birth from the founder’s
childhood desire, after she created and run online community of
mums supporting one another in a judge free zone for almost 6
years. The online mum’s community has impacted mums and
mums to be positively. The platform also helped mothers to make informed decisions and encouraged them to share their worries, fears, concerns and joy about motherhood.

Ongoing Project

Project Safe Birth is focused on improving maternal and
neonatal health which increases the quality of lives of mothers
and newborns with provision of clean birth kits for pregnant
women, as well as providing health education and advisory. This
project will also embark on family planning outreach for both
mothers and their spouses. 


Project safe birth

This is a project that focuses on improving maternal & neonatal health, increases the quality of lives of mothers and newborns with the provision of Clean Birth Kits which will be used by mother and child, as well as providing health education and advisory. Pregnant women who attend the community health center and traditional birth home are our target audience.

Project Hope for children

Project Hope for children

Promoting good hygiene and nutrition to vulnerable children in rural communities, students in private and public in low income communities to prevent sickness and help these children stay healthy.
This is to enhance their self-esteem, hygiene and psychological well-being. We educate these children on proper knowledge on hygiene, self-esteem and sex education.
Also, we provide Hope kit for this children which contains hygiene and nutrition items(toothpaste, toothbrush, sanitary pads(for girls) bathing soap, Milk and chocolate Etc.

Project 1st 5years

Project 1st 5years

Reducing child mortality and morbidity with the focus on the 1st 5 years health of vulnerable children.

The under-five mortality rate in Nigeria is 132 per 1,000 live births meaning that 1 in 8 Nigerian children never reach the age 5!

Many of these children under five years age dies as a result of preventable causes.
Ensure every child access immunization and provide nutrition support food and items to the children who are malnutrition.

Become a Volunteer Today

You can contribute your time, skills and knowledge through
volunteering with Motherhood Nigeria Initiative. This is an
opportunity to make a positive impact and be a significant force to
stop the preventable death of mothers and babies in rural
communities closed to you.

Join us today, become a Volunteer! Make a difference in the lives
of many women and their children.


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Our Vision

To improve Maternal and Child health through health education campaign, advocacy, awareness and sensitization in every community.

Our Mission

To provide comprehensive health education and support intervention that will change the undesirable narrative about maternal and child mortality in Nigeria through community outreach, engagement, sensitization and connecting Pregnant women to the health care facilities and services.

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